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Maureen Holcroft - Founder of Daffodils Dreams CIC Wigan
Maureen Holcroft - Founder

How it all started

"The story of Daffodils Dreams began whilst I was recovering from eye surgery. Whilst I was laid up for 6 weeks, I read an article in the local paper about ‘Child Poverty’, and whilst I was aware that it existed in the area, I didn’t realise that around 40% of youngsters in in several wards of Wigan were living below the poverty line.

After reading this, I instantly wanted to do something – anything – to help. It made me realise just how lucky my family and friends are to lead such privileged lives, surrounded by people who can provide emotional support, encouragement or offer guidance. Even just to have the simplest essentials to live a healthy and safe life, is a privilege that we often take for granted."

Our Vision

Every child comes into this world the same way, and we believe every child deserves the right to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. All children should be offered the same opportunities in life regardless of their background or the financial situation of their parents.

The team at Daffodils Dreams want to help children reach their full potential by giving them opportunities to explore their natural gifts and thrive in life.

Engaging communities thathave

With Communities thatNeed

Helping Us to Help Wigan Communities

We are relying on fundraising in Wigan communities to help provide children with items as individual as they are, to help children flourish and help to keep families together in Wigan. Whether it be sports kits, household appliances or basic essentials, we’re ready to offer any amount of help necessary.

Events such as Bric-a-Brac Sales, raffles and child sponsorships are allowing us to provide families with the most basic of essential items such as bedding, toiletries and school uniforms to help level the playing field for under-privileged children. We are also using funds raised to organise chosen to help bring communities together throughout the borough with our Chill and Chat Cafe events.

Our Team

Say hello to our team, who volunteer their time to ensure all children in Wigan are given an equal start in life

Maureen Holcroft
Maureen HolcroftFounder
Kerry Bannister
Kerry BannisterVolunteer
Noreen Bond
Noreen BondVolunteer
Linda Derbyshire
Linda DerbyshireVolunteer
Melisa Mutyora
Melisa MutyoraVolunteer
Brandon Holcroft
Brandon HolcroftVolunteer
Daffodils Dreams CIC Wigan
Engaging communities that HAVE, with communities that NEED
Daffodils Dreams are proud to be part of The Deal with Wigan Council

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